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21 january 2011

Running through the woods and made a picture
Tonight I'm going to Austria for a week!



17 january 2011

This is one of the ladybirds from my ladybird collection :D
It's huge!


16 january 2011

Today I went to Artis and made a lot of pictures and these are the 5 I like the most!



12 january 2011

Muffin I just ate, first I wanna to make one with the muffin, but than the muffin was already gone hahaha xD


11 january 2011

Picture of today!
We have a lot of things three times, just as these clocks!
And the batteries of the middle one are empty so that's why the time is different xD


10 january 2011

Already 10th day!
This is our other cat her name is Droppie :D
At night she often lays underneath my blanket, so I made a picture of it!


09 january 2011

Today no picture!
But I really wanna to show you this, it is something I made, hope you like it!


08 january 2011

This was my lunch today! A tosti bagel, it was delicious!
I'm still not used to typing 2011 haha xD


07 january 2011

Not a very interesting picture, it's just the nailpolish I'm wearing today, but I love the colour!


06 january 2011

This is one of our cats :D
We put a light around his neck and it was so funny!
So that's why this is my picture of today!


05 january 2011

Already made my picture of today!
I was ironing some clothes and the iron was steaming a lot
and I really liked the steam, so I made a picture of it!


04 january 2011

I almost forgot to make a picture, but then I was looking outside the window of the car
and I knew there would be a g-star ad, so I made this picture, on exactly the right moment!
I also tried making pictures of airplanes, but that didn't work out ;)


03 january 2011

picture #3!
It are my running shoes, because I just went running.
Actually I hate running, but as soon as I'm finished I'm proud of myself that I did it!


02 january 2011

Second picture of the year :D
I got my driver's licence last year and today I drove to the gym and I reallly like driving :D


01 january 2011

First picture of the year
Did not want to have a firework picture, so I made a picture of the morning after and the mess everybody made, like the burned christmas tree!